25th – 27th March 2014

The Summit

25th – 27th March 2014

NG Telecoms Summit Latin America 2014

Summit Venue
Fairmont Mayakoba, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Driven by consumer, business and government demand, Latin America has been making giant strides forward in the development of its telecom services. But the strategies adopted so far in meeting this demand are as diverse as the region itself.

White Papers

eVolution Networks: GSMA Case Study - Digicel Deploys eVolution's SES Across its Country-Wide Cell Tower System To Cut Energy Costs

Serving two million customers, Digicel Jamaica is the flagship Digicel franchise in the Caribbean region. The company has committed itself to reducing energy costs and slashing its carbon footprint, taking numerous steps to become a truly green company. These efforts were significantly boosted by the deployment of eVolution Networks’ Smart Energy Solution (SES) in May 2012, allowing Digicel Jamaica to reduce energy consumption across its network of base stations. The deployment of SES in May 2012 has already provided Digicel with an annual energy saving of $450 000, and the recent expansion in SES operation hours is expected to save Digicel up to $1.4 million annually, while simultaneously reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Lanck Telecom: Company profile

Sigma Systems: Cloud Brokerage – Clarity to Cloud Efforts

With limited budget for bringing new offerings to market, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) need to concentrate on efforts that drive strong ARPU and reduce customer churn - while delivering a fast time to market. It is clear from the conversations taking place at all levels in our industry that cloud brokerage is a focus in 2012. Cloud brokerage is the combining of existing on-network services with off-network, brokered SaaS applications, allowing CSPs to deliver personalized business bundles that deliver specific value to businesses beyond the traditional “pipe” of the past.

Sigma Systems: OSS Strategies – Retail Approach to Delivering Value Added Services

When asked how many products they have, most telecommunications operators would likely admit that they do not know for sure. Walk into any retailer and ask the same question and the answer will be very different. Retailers the world over know exactly how many products they have. If telecommunications operators intend to be successful in the realm of online, on-demand services, they will have to change their mindset when it comes to managing and delivering their products - or face the prospect of becoming little more than a bit pipe provider.

InfoVista: Realizing the Benefits of Your OSS Consolidation Projects

CSPs need to evolve their business models and realize the benefits of their network transformation. Those business pressures provide an opportunity for their IT organizations to acknowledge critical challenges and assume an instrumental role in supporting innovative service launches, accelerating end to end service performance degradation troubleshooting and reducing CAPEX and OPEX. A single and unified platform that, through its ease-of-use, reliability, service model flexibility and coverage of all network domains, enables successful OSS consolidation initiatives. By supporting each step of a service roll-out and aligning with the CSPs’ service lifecycle, such a platform will allow IT and OSS departments to become more strategic. It also helps CSPs to implement best practices across multiple silos, enabling them to differentiate in the marketplace.

PeerApp: The Transparent Cache: Protection from Third-Party Cache Network Impacts

Keynote-Sigos: Ensure Best QoS During Mega Events - Case Study: London 2012 Olympic Testing Campaign

During mega events like the Olympic Games in London in summer 2012 millions of outbound roamers are expecting faultless voice, SMS and data services. On that occasion Keynote SIGOS has set up local testing units among strategic London locations, including airports and Game venues. GSMA recommended testing with a multi-staged schedule adapted to each customer’s requirements. We offered the campaign as Managed Services packages as an effort-free approach for major international operators. Continuous monitoring and reporting was ensured by the Keynote SIGOS Professional Services Team: Unsatisfactory service quality findings detected were communicated to the operators early enough allowing to react and resolve the service quality issues. The could reveal short and long-term effects of network optimization for best results and potential revenue increase, including better MOS values, higher success rates, improved CLI transparency, better throughput, etc.

Celeritech Solutions: How You Can Make Customers Happy, Make Your Support Reps More Effective, and Cut Costs

Celeritech Solutions: The Delivery of the Bills Has Been Reduced 90% in Time

Celeritech Solutions: The 4th Generation of Online Billing

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